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Third Semester

Co-chairs of the academic program of the third and the forth semesters (S9 & S10) of the MoSIG Master: Massih-Reza Amini, Akram Idani

Class schedules may be found at Grenoble INP ADE Site

After September; the third semester (Master2- S9) provides specialized training in the following areas:

Data science and Artificial intelligence (DSAI)
Distributed computing: from cloud to edge computing, embedded systems and networking (DC)
Human and digital world interactions: robotics, augmented and virtual reality, perception (HDWI)
Software and hardware components engineering ; quality engineering, models of computation (SHCE)

For this semester S9 of 30 ECTS, students need to select :

  • courses worth 24 ECTS in their chosen theme (according to their initial training); and,
  • 6 ECTS of courses from a different theme,
 if timetables are consistent and enrollment restrictions apply.
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