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First Semester

The official academic program can be found on the UGA web site.

Co-chairs of the academic program of the first and second semesters (S7 & S8) of the MoSIG Master: Renaud Lachaize, Grégory Mounié

The first semester is a 12 week (September to January) program core curriculum designed to ensure competence in foundational areas of Informatics. The program is composed of 24 ECTS in Technical courseware, plus 3 ECTS of Language and 3 ECTS from a programming project.

The nominal academic program is as follows:

Course titleECTS credits 
Core Courses
Programming Languages and Compiler Design6 
Principles of Operating Systems6 
Mathematics for Computer Science3 
Software Engineering3 
Introduction to Visual Computing3 
Algorithmic Problem Solving3 
Non elective courses
Technical Writing and Speaking in English3 
4 week Programming Project: Operating Systems or Compiler Design3
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