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MoSIG M1 Opening Orientation Meeting

Please check the M1 Mosig web site for more information.

MoSIG M2 Opening Orientation Meeting: September the 18th, 2023 at 14:00, Amphi E

Presentation slides

As a reminder: For the semester S9 (of 30 ECTS), students need to select :

  • courses worth 24 ECTS in their chosen theme (according to their initial training); and,
  • 6 ECTS of courses from a different theme,
 if timetables are consistent and enrollment restrictions apply.

Course information available on intranet

important information may be found on the intranet of ENSIMAG https://intranet.ensimag.fr/intranet-joomla/index.php.

Course descriptions are found on the UFRIM2AG Web site

Class Schedules (IMPORTANT)

Class schedules are maintained by the online EDT page. Check ADE often as classrooms can change.

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