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Presentation of projects 2023/2024

September the 18th, 2023, amphi E of Ensimag from 9:00 to 12:00


Presentation of how to proceed

Defenses in June 2024 will be held the week of June the 24th -- Program

Defenses in September 2024 will be held the week of September the 2nd --

The defenses will take place in a hybrid format.

For students who will do their defense face-to-face don't forget to BRING YOUR OWN LAPTOP COMPUTER with a HDMI video output.

Masters Project

The final semester is devoted to an individual research project conducted at a local public or corporate research laboratory, under the supervision of the academic supervisor. It should last at least 18 weeks and 20 weeks for Ensimag students. Defenses can be held before the end of the internship, after at least 18 weeks of internship. This may be a professional project or a scientific research project.

The Masters project counts for 30 ECTS.

Possible projects may be found using the pcarré web site:


Important Information

The preparation of your Masters project begins by reading this slides carefully.

Steps to sign an internship convention:

  1. Choose an internship (you can have a look here for choosing a subject http://im2ag-pcarre.e.ujf-grenoble.fr/)
  2. If the subject is accepted by MoSIG directors, continue otherwise Goto 1.
  3. If you choose an internship outside Grenoble or in a company you have to ask a professor to be your tutor.
  4. Once your subject approved you have to register, by choosing the date of your defense (June or September) and filling other information here: https://framaforms.org/mosig-m2-internships-1568630484
  5. Ask for your convention

The forms for conventions de stage of students who are registered at UFR IM2AG can be download here Form-PStage

Research Masters Projects

A Scientific Research project provides hands-on training in the Process of Scientific research. The project must address a well-defined problem situated within the context of an existing scientific community. By nature, the Scientific Research Project should be conducted within a research laboratory, under the direct supervision of a qualified researchers (ie with a doctoral degree). MoSIG M2R students are strongly encouraged to perform their project in the research laboratories of the INPG/UGA/CNRS or INRIA. Projects performed at local research centers such as CENG, XRCE, or FT R&D are acceptable if performed in cooperation with a university researcher.

In the Masters Research project, the student is expected to

  1. Provide a clear definition of the problem and its scientific and technological context.
  2. Demonstrate mastery of the scientific literature related to the problem,
  3. Propose an original solution to the problem.
  4. Validate and/or evaluate this solution through an experiment and/or formal demonstrations.
  5. Explain how the obtained results impact the existing scientific literature, including limits to the results, and open problems that remain to be explored.

These results are reported in a Masters Research Project report (sometimes called a Masters Thesis) and defended in an oral project defense. The project will be evaluated on the basis of mastery of the scientific state of the art, depth of analysis and understanding of the problem, originality of the proposed solution, and quality of the validation or experimental performance evaluation. If successfully completed with a grade above 12, the Masters scientific research project demonstrates "Research Aptitude" and meets the formal requirements for admission to a Doctoral program.

Professional Masters Projects

Professional projects provide professional experience in the context of a local industry. In professional project, the student is expected to design, implement and evaluate a software system. Projects are evaluated with the following criteria:

  1. The difficulty of the challenge posed by the project;
  2. The competence, initiative, autonomy and aptitude displayed by the student in performing the project;
  3. Quality of the project plan and plan execution;
  4. Quality and professionalism of the project results including validation tests, performance evaluation, and documentation of the resulting system.

Professional masters projects do not provide research training and do provide admission to the doctoral program.

Students performing a professional project must have a local academic tutor. It is the responsibility of the student to determine the tutor.

Both Professional and Research projects must be at least 5 months long and can not exceed 6 months. Projects may be defended during the 3rd week of June or the first full week of september.

Although the formal project period begins in February, M2R students are encouraged to find their project and project director as soon as possible, in order to begin work on bibliography.

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