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Second Semester

The official academic program can be found on the UGA web site.

The second semester is composed of a 12 week (February through May) academic program, followed by participation in a 4 week internship in a research group. The academic program combines advanced work on fundamental topics as well as introduction to more specialized subjects. It also includes a research internship performed in one of the University Research Laboratories.

Students should select 24 ECTS from the following courses, in addition to the research internship (6 ECTS: "research methodology" + "research project") for a total of 30 ECTS. Beware: Student attending only semester 8 cannot choose these internships ("research methodology" + "research project")

Course titleECTS credits
Introduction to Modeling and Verification of Digital Systems3
Operations Research3
Data base foundations3
Introduction to distributed systems3
Human computer interaction3
Intelligent systems: reasoning and recognition3
Computer networks principles3
3D Graphics3
Introduction to Mobile Robotics3
Introduction to cryptology3
Parallel Algorithms and Programming3
Fundamental Computer Science3
Foundations of Data Science3
Embodying the shift: digital in the age of low-tech3
Non elective courses
Research project (TER)3
Research methodology3
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