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Second Semester

The official academic program can be found on the UGA web site.

The second semester is composed of a 12 week (February through May) academic program, followed by participation in a 4 week internship in a research group. The academic program combines advanced work on fundamental topics as well as introduction to more specialized subjects. It also includes a research internship performed in one of the University Research Laboratories.

Students should select 24 ECTS from the following courses, in addition to the research internship (6 ECTS: "research methodology" + "research project") for a total of 30 ECTS:

Course titleECTS credits
Database Foundations3
Computer Network Principles3
Intelligent Systems: Reasoning and Recognition3
3D Graphics3
Robotics and IoT3
Introduction to Cryptology3
Human Computer Interaction3
Introduction to Distributed Systems3
Foundations of Data Science3
Fundamental Computer Science3
Introduction to Modeling and Verification of Digital Systems3
Introduction to Operations Research3
Parallel Algorithms and Programming3
Non elective courses
Research Methodology3
Research Project3
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