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Academic Program

The academic program is two year, European Standard, English language, Masters Program (120 ECTS) that combines three semesters of course and laboratory work (90 ECTS) with a six month individual research project (30 ECTS).

  • The initial semester (S7) is composed of 24 ECTS Units of foundational courseware taught in the English language, completed by 6 ECTS of language training.
  • The second semester (S8) combines core foundational courseware with optional specialization courses.
  • The third semester (S9) provides training among four specialized themes.
  • The final semester (S10) is dedicated to an end of studies research project performed under the supervision of scientific research teams at affiliated research laboratories operated by national or international universities, public research centers (INRIA, CNRS, CEA) or local companies (ATOS, Criteo, France Telecom, NaverLabs, Sun, HP, ST Microelectronics and others).

During the first semester students, students will be assigned an academic supervisor on the basis area of academic interest. The academic supervisor will oversee both the selection of academic courseware and the masters research project. Courses for the second and third semesters should be selected in collaboration with the academic supervisor. The masters research project should normally be conducted within the research team of the academic supervisor.

Additional Information about the MoSIG program may be found at UGA Master of Science MoSIG web page

The program is also open to students from the local Ensimag school of engineering in Informatics and Applied Mathematics, students from the school of engineering of the Université Grenoble Alpes Polytech Grenoble, as well as students from the master of Mathematics and Informatics at the Université Grenoble Alpes.

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