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Here a the LIG teams that are typically involved in this option and can easily propose internships. You should visit their website and the webpages of their members to identify on which subject/context you would like to work. Although the PCARREE web site should list the available internships, it is common that researchers define a specific subject in accordance with an interested student. So you should definitely contact them directly to ask whether they are interested by your profile and have some subject to propose.

- POLARIS: Performance analysis and Optimization of LARge Infrastructures and Systems

- DATA-MOVE: Data Aware Large Scale Computing

- Ctrl-A: Control for Autonomic Computing Systems

- CORSE: Compiler Optimization and Runtime SystEms. Typical skills and subjects encompass Architecture, Compiling, Runtime, Efficiency/Energy

- ERODS: Efficient and RObust Distributed Systems. Typical skills and subjects encompass Cloud computing, OS, Autonomous systems, ...

- DRAKKAR: Networking and Multimedia. Typical skills and subjects encompass Wireless networks/protocols, Sensor networks/Internet of Things

- SPADES: Sound Programming of Adaptive Dependable Embedded Systems

- CONVECS: Construction of verified concurrent systems

- Synchrone: Languages and tools for the design, simulation and verification of embedded systems

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