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Research Groups and Masters Projects for AI and the WEB

The following is a list of Research Group. When possible the group overview and web page have been indicated. Groups are listed in Alphabetical Order

AMA - Machine Learning, Modelling and Data Analysis Group

CAPP - Calculs Algorithmes Programmes et Preuves

DIAM - Didactique Informatique et Apprentissage des Mathématiques

EXMO - Computer mediated exchange of structured knowledge

GETALP - Groupe d’Etude en Traduction/Traitement des Langues et de la Parole

HADAS - Heterogenous Autonomous DAtabases Systems


MAGMA - Modélisation d'agents autonomes en univers multi-agents


METAH - Methods and technology for human learning

MRIM - Modélisation et Recherche d’Information Multimédia ]]

STEAMER - Spatio-TEmporal information, Adaptability, Multimedia and KnowlEdge Representation

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