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Research Groups and Masters Projects for Graphics, Vision and Robotics.

Possible projects may be found at PCARREE web site. (use search key: M2R Info)

Groups are listed in Alphabetical Order

Please contact the groups directly for information about projects.

AGPIG - Computer Architecture, Geometry, Perception, Images, Gesture

BIPOP - Nonsmooth Dynamical Systems

CAMI - Computer Assisted Medical Interventions

Chroma - Cooperative and Human-aware Robot Navigation in Dynamic Environments

IIHM - Engineering Human-Computer Interaction

Imagine - Intuitive Modeling and Animation for Interactive Graphics and Narrative Environments

M-PSI (ex Pervasive Interaction) - Multimodal Perception and Sociable Interaction.

Maverick - Acquisition, Representation and Transformations for Image Synthesis

Marwin - Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Morpheo - Acquisition and Analysis of Shapes in Motion

NANO-D - Algorithms for Modeling and Simulation of Nanosystems

NECS - Network Controlled Systems

PERCEPTION - Interpretation and Modeling of Images and Videos

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