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Graphics, Vision and Robotics

The academic program for Graphics, Vision and Robotics is composed of 30 ECTS of technical courses plus language training.

The academic Programme "Graphics, Vision and Robotics" provides research training in the areas of Computer Graphics, Animation, Visualisation, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Autonomous Robotics, and Medical Image Processing. The program builds on fundamental techniques from informatics and applied mathematics that are common to the three areas of Computer Graphics, Computer Vision and Robotics. This is a highly competitive European standard (LMD) Masters of Science programme designed to lead to doctoral studies with one of the internationally prominent research groups at the INRIA Grenoble Rhônes Alpes research centre, as well as the UGA/INPG UMR laboratories LIG, LJK, GIPSA and TIMC.T he program is part of the "Master of Science in Informatics at Grenoble" and leads to diploma Master en Informatique awarded jointly by the UGA and the INPG.

All courses are taught in the English language. The research project may be writte in English or French.

The academic program is composed of one semester (30 ECTS) of technical training in the areas of Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Robotics and related areas completed by a Masters Research Project (30 ECTS).

Optional French language training is available for English Native Language speakers.

The following courses are taught during the first semester.

Course titleECTS credits
Computer Graphics II6
Computer Vision6
Autonomous Robotics6
Computational Geometry3
Medical Imaging, Simulation and Robotics3
Machine Learning and Category Representation3
Virtual Reality and 3D Interfaces Reality3

Additional information may be found on the UFR-IMAG web site.

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