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Initial training

University studies in France are relatively inexpensive compared to most European and North American countries, as Education is highly subsidized by the French governement;

As with any French University program, registration in the Master of Science in Informatics at Grenoble requires payment of a relatively modest registration fee which is revised annually by the French Minister of Education. Thanks to generous support from the French Education Ministry, annual registration fees will be approximately 250 Euros. In addition to this registration fee, students are also required to subscribe to the national health insurance program, requiring a payment of 207 Euros (in 2012-2013 - updated each year).

Continuing Education

The Université Joseph Fourier has recently announced that applicants over the age of 28 years old, who have not been enrolled in a University program for several years *will* be considered as "continuing education" students and asked to pay a higher tuition. The exact terms under which this may be applied to international masters students are currently under discussion. For now, we encourage such students to apply. However, students over 28 years old who are currently working in industry, will likely be required to pay a higher tuition.

The University will decide on a case by case basis, and students who are admitted as continuing education students will be informed at the time of the admission.

Universite Joseph Fourier PreDoc Grants. (open)

The Université Joseph Fourier offers a maximum of 10 PreDoc grants international students applying to the second (M2R) year any of its Research Masters programs. This grant of €8,000 is intended to support students whose income is insufficient to cover their fees and who wish to obtain a degree from the Université Joseph Fourier to pursue their studies, if possible, to conduct a thesis in one of its laboratories.

Application process

Please read the information on PREDOC sholarships: information eligibility and applications procedures may be found at PreDoc Grants

Fill in the application form, and send it back by postmail by March 29, 2013

Address : Université Joseph Fourier / UFR IM˛AG - 60, rue de la Chimie - BP 53 - 38041 Grenoble Cedex 9 - France


The deadline for this program is March 29, 2013.

attention: You also have to submit your on-line application for the MoSIG program by end of March to be eligible.


For more information, please contact: predoc@ujf-grenoble.fr.

Grenoble INP Foundation Scholarships for Academic Excellence (closed)

The Grenoble INP offers a limited number of scholarships based on academic excellence to students of master 1 or Master 2 year of the International Masters programs of Grenoble INP. The scholarship amount is a maximum 5000€ per semester.

  • To be eligible, students must be at most 28 years old.
  • The programs is open to students of any nationality, although priority is given to students from prestigious universities from USA, Canada, Hong-Kong, Singapore, China, India, Australia and New Zealand.
  • The program is equally open to Master 1 students currently enrolled in the first year of a two year international masters program at Grenoble INP or UGA.

Scholarships are awarded based Academic excellence, as evaluated by the grades, recommendation letters and university of origin of the candidate.

Deadline for Applications: 8 Avril 2013

Reply to candidates: mid-may 2013


Information and the on-line application process may be found here

PERSYVAL-Lab scholarships for master'degree /for PhD thesis (closed)

download - persyval-lab scholarship brochure

The PERSYVAL Labex program has just launched its call for applications for its scholarchip program for students applying to the second year Masters programs at Université de Grenoble related to mathematics, applied mathematics, informatics, signal processing and automatics.

  • application procedure
  • deadline: May 23rd, 2013
  • eligibility criteria:
    • all students applying for M2 (M1 Ensimag students included) showing a strong interest for research and wanting to apply for a doctoral program within one of the labs associated with persyval-Lab
    • language requirements: TOEFL >80 IBT
  • 10 grants allocated for 2013-2014, based on excellence criteria (amount of the grant: 8000 €)
  • Eligible master's programmes taught in English:
    • M2 in Informatics at Grenoble (MoSIG)
    • M2 in Mathematics, Informatics and Applications (International track)
    • M2 in Security, Cryptology and Coding Information Systems
    • M2 in Systems, Control and Information Technologies (MiSCIT)
  • Contact

Bourses d'excellence EIFFEL (Eiffel Grants for Academic Excellence) OPEN

Each year, the French governement offers a number of Eiffel academic Excellence Grants for students applying to a French M2 program. Applicants are selected and ranked by each Universities. Universities then submit the application forms for final selection: individuals MUST apply through the universities : no personnal applications accepted.

Applications for the 2014-2015 academic year are due on 30 November 2013 at the latest.

Information about the Eiffel academic Excellence Grants can be found at Eiffel Grants

Please note that grant application process is independent of applications for admissions. Candidates will also be required to complete the admissions process to be eligible.

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