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The theme Artificial Intelligence and Data-Science is composed of the following courses :

UE# of credits
1. Advanced Machine Learning: Applications to Vision, Audio and Text (MoSIG->MSIAM)6 ECTS
2. Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval (MoSIG->MSIAM)6 ECTS
3. Mathematical Foundations of Machine Learning (MoSIG->MSIAM)6 ECTS
4. From Basic Machine Learning models to Advanced Kernel Learning (MSIAM->MoSIG)6 ECTS
5. GPU computing (MSIAM->MoSIG)6 ECTS
6. Statistical learning: from parametric to nonparametric models (MSIAM->MoSIG)6 ECTS
7. Large scale Data-Management and Distributed systems6 ECTS
8. Scientific Methodology and Experimental Evaluation6 ECTS
9. Multi-agent systems3 ECTS
10. Information Visualization3 ECTS
11. Fundamentals of Data Processing and Distributed Knowledge6 ECTS

Courses 4. 5. and 6. are from Master of Science in Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Courses 10. & 11. should be taken jointly.

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