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ProgramEn: ProposeProjects

Projects may be proposed by academic researchers from the University laboratories associated with the MoSIG Masters program. These include LIG, LJK, TIMC, Verimag and GIPSA-Lab and INRIA as well as the CEA LETI and CEA LIST.

Researchers from local research laboratories, such as Orange Labs and XRCE may propose research projects with co-direction by local academic researchers.

Your should use the UGA Pcarre site to enter a project proposal.

When you enter your project, please enter the keywords MOSIG as well as AISSE, AIW, GVR, HECS, DI or UIS in the keywords sections.

You may also send a .pdf of your proposal proposal to [Massih-Reza.Amini AT imag DOT fr] for listing on this web site.

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