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The M2R project

An overview presentation about the Masters Research Project. Pay special attention to the evaluation criteria.

Your project will be presented and evaluated by one of 3 jurys, depending on your specialisation. The jurys are composed of the directors of two specialisations, one of three "rotating" members, an external expert to be named by your project director, and one of the MoSIG directors.

Attention - For Research Projects: Your and your adviser MUST nominate an expert who is competent in the field of your project and can provide a credible evaluation of your work. The expert must NOT be in the same research group, or have participated in the project. The expert should have a doctorate and must be neutral. You should nominate your external expert, and communicate his name at the time that you hand in your report. Your report is not complete without the expert.

M2R Defences in Sept

For students who have chosen to defend their project in Sept.

We have organised 4 project jurys with slots for Research and Professional projects on Monday 4, Tuesday 5 and Wednesday 6 Sept. The classrooms for defences will be held in D113, D115 and D117. Video-conference participation for certain defences is possible on monday afternoon in E404.

Jury 1: Data Science students and AIW students will defend on Monday 4th, and Tuesday 5 in D113. Massih-Reza Amini will serve as president. The following is a preliminary draft schedule (subject to change)

Jury 2: GVR, UIS and Exchange students will defend on Monday 4th in D115. James Crowley will serve as president. The following is a preliminary draft schedule.

Jury 3R: AISSE students will defend Research projects on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th Sept. in D117. Sophie Dupuy Chessa will serve as president. The following is a preliminary draft schedule.

Jury 3P: AISSE students will defend Professional projects on the morning of Tuesday 5th Sept. in D117. James Crowley will serve as president. The following is a preliminary draft schedule.

Jury 4: PDS students will defend on Tuesday 5 and Wed 6th Sept in D115. Arnaud Legrand will serve as president. The following is a preliminary draft schedule.


How to submit your report.

You may write your report in English or in French. There is no formal requirement to write in English. Choose the language in which you are the most comfortable!

For reports to be defended in Sept, the deadline for reports is before midnight (23:59) Tues 29 August 2017 (note extended deadline). The final report should be uploaded as a single pdf file to the FSA date base using the FSA entry that you created in FSA 119. ( At the same time, you should verify that the name of your expert is in the FSA data base and that all other information is correct.

The time of submission to the FSA data base is the official time of submission. The project note for late reports will be penalized by 1 point per day after Tues 29 August.

You should also print and bind 4 copies of your final report. Three of these copies should be provided to Elena Leibowitch at the ENSIMAG Academic office Scolarité Ensimag (le bureau D002) during the day of the 30th on August (before 17h00).

The office is open from 13h00 to 17h00 each day. One of the copies is for your project supervisor. The final copy should be provided to your external expert. It is YOUR responsibility to assure that the external expert receives a copy.

Students who are not in Grenoble may send the reports to:

Ensimag, Service Scolarité
Elena Leibowitch
681 Rue de la Passerelle
BP 72
38402 Saint Martin d'Hères

You must also send a copy to your external expert.

How to write your report.

The earlier you start writing, the better your report. At the latest, you should be writing your report by Mid May.

The following are suggested templates for M2 Research Reports. The MsWord template contains advice for how to structure the report.

Your cover page must include the information listed in these templates. For the rest of the report, use these as inspiration.

MS Word: Docx template. Example of PDF M2R Report Model.pdf.

Latex: Latex template (zip). Example of PDF TemplateLatexRapportMaster.pdf.

How to choose and validate your project

All projects must be validated by a CONTRACT between one of the Universities (UGA or INPG) and the Laboratory (or company).

How to choose and validate your project

  1. Choose an Subject area that YOU are interested in.
  2. Contact the project advisor you want to work with.
  3. Agree on a subject
  4. enter a description of project on the FSA web site (Campagne 119).
  5. When approved:
  • if you are registered at UFRIM2AG
    1. Download and complete an information form in English or French: Form-PStage-EN.doc , Form-PStage-EN.pdf, Fiche-PStage-FR.doc, Fiche-PStage-FR.pdf
    2. Send the completed form to :
    3. You will receive instructions by email.
    4. See this page for information.
    5. Have your contract signed by the Laboratory or company hosting the project.
    6. Return the signed form to the UFRIM2AG for signature by the University.
    7. Contact Carole Durand or Sophie Urbanc in case of difficulties.
  • if you are registered at ENSIMAG
    1. Complete an Internship application using Gistage using your INP login
    2. Wait for confirmation that the subject has been validated.
    3. Complete the online agreement with additional information (new fields in the form).
    4. Contact Elena Leibowitch to generate a "convention de stage".
    5. Sign the form
    6. Have your contract signed by the Laboratory or company hosting the project.
    7. Return the contract to your Elena for signature by the University.

Research projects must be performed at a research laboratory

UGA Laboratories associated with the M2R MoSIG (for research projects)

LIG: Grenoble Informatics laboratory

LJK: Laboratoire Jean Kuntzman Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

TIMC: Techniques for biomedical engineering and complexity management

TIMA: Techniques of Informatics and Microelectronics for integrated systems Architectures

Verimag: Verification of Embedded Systems

GIPSA: Grenoble Image Parole Signal et Automatique

INRIA: CR INRIA Grenoble Rhone-Alpes

Research projects from corporate research labs and other university labs require a local academic tutor.

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