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ProgramEn: Semester 1

First Semester

The general organization of the first and second semesters can be found here.

The official academic program can be found on the UFR IM˛AG web site.

Co-chairs of the academic program of the first and second semesters of the MoSIG Master: Ylies Falcone, Denis Trystram

The first semester is a 12 week (September to January) program core curriculum designed to ensure competence in foundational areas of Informatics. The program is composed of 24 ECTS in Technical courseware, plus 3 ECTS of Language and 3 ECTS from a programming project.

The nominal academic program is as follows:

Course titleECTS credits 
Core Courses
Programming Languages and Compiler Design6 
Principles of Operating Systems6 
Mathematics for Computer Science3*
Software Engineering3 
Introduction to Visual Computing3 
Algorithmic Problem Solving3 
Non elective courses
Technical Writing and Speaking in English3 
4 week Programming Project: Operating Systems or Compiler Design3**

* for ENSIMAG students: mathematics for Computer Science is replaced by an ENSIMAG class on Statistics.
** for ENSIMAG students: The programming project is the ENSIMAG "projet Compile".

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