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Research Groups and Masters Projects for Graphics, Vision and Robotics.

Many projects are listed on PCARREE web site. (use search key: M2R Info)

To be approved, projects must be entered by students and validated by MoSIG Directors using:

The following is are the presentations made by the research groups Research Groups at the GVR/UIS information session on 13 October 2016.

Presentation by Pierre-Brice Weber of the BIPOP

=> Masters Projects:

  1. Cobotics: cooperation between a human and a robot to solve a task

Presentation by Radu Horaud of the PERCEPTION team

Presentation by Romain Vergne of the Maverick Team

Presentation by Laurent Besacier of the Getalp team

=> Masters Projects proposed by Getalp

  1. One for all, all for one – Pseudo-multimodal emotion recognition by cross-modality compensation.
  2. How gold is my standard? Compensating bias in continuous dimensional ratings of emotion.
  3. Automatic analysis of developmental disorders through spontaneous emotions from speech: performance and variability over age.
  4. Is that food tasty? Automatic recognition of food likability from audio-visual data.
  5. My personality matters! Applying holism to automatic emotion recognition.
  6. Speech rhythm: an affective journey through time – Development of novel models of speech rhythm for robust emotion recognition.
  7. You’re going to laugh! Automatic prediction of laughter from multimodal data
  8. Are friendly people more positive? Automatic prediction of social behaviours from emotional behaviours
  9. Acoustic emotion recognition: An overview across European languages

Presentation by Julien Pansiot of the Morpheo Team

Presentation by James Crowley of the Pervasive Interaction Team (Ex-PRIMA - newly created team).

=> Masters Projects Proposed by Pervasive Interaction

  1. Multimodal observation of emotions.
  2. Robots Among People, a Bio-Inspired Visual Navigation Approach

GVR Research Groups

Groups are listed in Alphabetical Order

Please contact the groups directly for information about projects.

AGPIG - Computer Architecture, Geometry, Perception, Images, Gesture

Maverick - Acquisition, Representation and Transformations for Image Synthesis

BIPOP - Nonsmooth Dynamical Systems

CAMI - Computer Assisted Medical Interventions

Chroma - Cooperative and Human-aware Robot Navigation in Dynamic Environments

IIHM - Engineering Human-Computer Interaction

Imagine - Intuitive Modeling and Animation for Interactive Graphics and Narrative Environments

Thoth - Modeling visual knowledge from large-scale data

Morpheo - Acquisition and Analysis of Shapes in Motion

NANO-D - Algorithms for Modeling and Simulation of Nanosystems

NECS - Network Controlled Systems

PERCEPTION - Interpretation and Modeling of Images and Videos

Pervasive Interaction (ex-PRIMA) - Pervasive Interaction with Smart Objects and Services

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