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MoSIG M1 Opening Orientation Meeting. - Friday 2 Sept in Room F-018 at 16h00

The opening orientation meeting for MoSIG M1 students was held in UFR IM2AG, room F-018, on the Grenoble Campus, on September 2 at 4pm. ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY FOR ALL INCOMING MOSIG M1 STUDENTS (and required for registration).

MoSIG M2 Opening Orientation Meeting. - Friday 16 Sept Amphi E ENSIMAG 14h00

The opening orientation meeting for MoSIG M2 was held at ENSIMAG Amphi E (Ground floor) at 14h00 on Friday 16 September 2016. Here are the slides presented at the opening orientation meeting.

MoSIG M1 students, UFRIM2AG students - ENSIMAG 2 Students - Information about MoSIG M2

The following are slides presenting the MoSIG M2 year for local M1 and ENSIMAG students.

These are the slides presented to MoSIG M1 students on 2 june in Amphi D.

Local M1 and ENSIMAG 2 students who plan to continue to M2 are requested to complete the FSA pages here.

Use this form for MoSIG M2, ORCO and CySEC.

Course information available on intranet

important information may be found on the intranet of ENSIMAG

Course descriptions are found on the UFRIM2AG Web site

Class Schedules (IMPORTANT)

NEW: timetables for 2016/2017 are now available: AISSE, AIW, GVR, HECS, PDES, UIS.

Class schedules are maintained by the online ADE Software. Check ADE often as classrooms can change.

Pointers to ADE will be published as soon as available.

On line course schedules for M1 MoSIG. Select Trainees, Etudiants Ensimag, M1 MoSIG

On line course schedules for M2R options ROCO. Select Trainees, Etudiants IMAG, M2R Info

On line course schedules for M2R options AIW, GVR, PDES, AISSE and UIS. Select Students, Ensimag, Masters

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