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Registrar's offices:

  • UFR IM2AG academic secretary: Bérengère Duc (UGA)
    scolarité UFR IM2AG, ground floor, Building F, (+33) 04 76 63 57 89
  • Ensimag academic secretary: Elena Leibowitch (Grenoble-INP)
    scolarité Ensimag , ground floor, Building D, (+33) 04 76 82 72 65

Faculty Members:

MoSIG M1 (first year) Directors:

MoSIG M2 and M2R Informatics Directors:


SpecializationAcademic contacts
Advanced Information Systems and Software
Artificial Intelligence and the
Graphics, Vision and
High-confidence Embedded and Cyberphysical
Parallel, Distributed and Embedded
Ubiquitous and Interactive
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