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2018-2019 InfoVis project


You are expected to:

  • form groups (3-4 persons) (23 nov.)
  • formulate hypothesis that should be testable using information present in the Open Food Facts data set (see below). (30 nov.)
  • design visualizations that can validate the hypothesis
  • implement some of those visualizations using d3.js



You are expected to present your visualizations, and to explain how they help answer the questions you choose to investigate. You are expected to justify the design choices for the visualizations, i.e., why is the visual mapping you choose are pertinent given the data at hand and the insights you are looking to find. You are expected to send by email at blanch@imag.fr the material used for the defense.

Data sets

The data sets are derived from the Open Food Facts data sets. They are available from my 2018-openfoodfacts repository and can be downloaded as a zip file.

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