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2017 Notes

The slides and additional material are available at my InfoVis page.

2017 Schedule

6 oct.Lecture (RB): Introduction (1/4)
13 oct.Lecture (RB): Introduction (2/4) — Visual perception; readings: Feature integration theory & Visual search
20 oct.Lecture (RB): Introduction (3/4) — InfoVis pipeline; readings: InfoVis design space, InfoVis pipeline
27 oct.Lecture (RB): Introduction (4/4) — Visual mapping; reading: the Infovis Zoo
vacationassignment: get familar with d3.js by following this Intro to D3.js
10 nov.no lecture planified; assigment: step #0 of the project (see below)
17 nov.Lecture (RB) — visual mapping (cont.); assignment: step #1 of the project (see below)
24 nov.Lecture (RB) – started the tour of the InfoVis Zoo; assignment: form groups (2-3 students) for the main project
1st dec.Lecture (RB) – interaction; presentation of the voting data set
8 dec.Lecture (RB) – interaction (cont)
15 dec.Lecture (RB) – networks
22 dec.project: intermediate presentations (5-7 min.: questions selected, visualisations considered, design rationals)
12 jan.cancelled
16 jan.cancelled
19 jan.project defense
26 jan.exam 2h (66% of the final mark)

Past exams

2015 exam 2016 exam 2017 exam


The project will count for 34% of the final mark.


Produce an interactive visualization that allows the exploration of the data set or that conveys interesting information about the dataset.


10 nov.complete step #0 (5%)
17 nov.complete step #1 (5%)
22 dec.5-7 min. per group: present the questions you selected, the visualizations you have in mind, and why you think it is a good choice
19 jan.defense (see project page for schedule)


0. anscombe quartet

Reproduce the original visualization of the Anscombe's quartet using d3.js. An template project with the data is available at bitbucket. You can download an archive of the whole project.

1. cars

Here is a scatter plot found on the web:

Reproduce this visualization using d3.js and the data set provided in the template. You can follow the steps proposed here (in french, use google translate if you need).


Q.How should the assignment be delivered?

Please send a zip/tgz (no rar) archive to mailto:blanch@imag.fr with a proper subject. No link to google drive/dropbox, etc.

Q. The data is not loading into my page

A. You have to run a web server, even for local development. To do so, you can use python:

python3 -m http.server

and then go to http://localhost:8000. You can also use node, see the d3.js documentation.

Q.Can I get the answer of step #0 and #1?

There is no single answer for those assignment. Here is what I have quickly sketched for the anscombe data sets (without the regression lines) and the car dataset (without the legende). Note that you have to download those files and put them in the viz directory of the project templates that you downloaded previously.


ok in a column means that I got something from you, - means I got a rar or a link to googledrive/dropbox, etc., but I want an archive.

nameHW #0HW #1
ABDUL RAHMAN Zulhusni ok
AIMIN Suokok
BASOV Vladimir  
BLEUZEN Jonathan ok
BOROVEC Ondřejokok
CAZZOLLA Danilookok
CHENBEH Amirokok
CIMADOMO Audreyokok
DI VINCENZO Valentinaokok
EKBORG Olofokok
MOHAMAD Ghadeerokok
HUARTE Ricardookok
IANNINO Paolookok
IAKOVLEVA Ekaterinaokok
JRADEH Khadijaokok
KAKAVAND Azadehokok
KOVAL Ivanokok
KRISHNAKUMAR Ganapathy Ramokok
LAPOINTE Quentinokok
LA QUATRA Morenookok
LAWSON Thibault ok
LE Anh Thookok
LE Van Tuanokok
LOHJA Irisokok
NABÉ Mamadyokok
NGUYEN Manh Haokok
NGUYEN Minh Haiokok
PHAM Tuan Hiepokok
PHAN Ly Huynhokok
PONTE Joel Cerqueiraokok
PISTER Mathieuokok
SREEVES Matthew Gerardokok
VUONG Quoc Trungokok
WALTON Elizabethokok
YENDE Nadiaokok
ZRIGUI Ahmedok 
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